JAmie dawn

JamieDawn lives in north Idaho. Surrounded by nature's bounty of mountain forests and rivers, inspiration comes easily.

Symbols of life are captured in designs: dragonflies, ginko leafs, feathers and bears.  Textured glass and deep colors are frequent favorites.

Adventures in art forms continue to develop as showcased here. Replicating Europe's early stained glass and creating new mystick designs keep the interest lit.


Murals created for deeply felt souls come to life in a short manner of time.


JamieDawn has been exploring glass art since 2005 and garden sculpture adventures since 2018. Bringing forth beauty into this world has been a lifelong study.


"JamieDawn is such an impressive artist! I received her Medicine Bear piece for Christmas from my boys. It hangs beautifully from my kitchen window. I love the way the light shines through the blue glass!"

Kristy Redfield / Krysta Bell

“I have a couple of JamieDawn’s smaller stained glass pieces;  both are high quality.  I’ve watched her sketch and have observed many times how enormously talented she is artistically.  JamieDawn is working on a large outdoor mural for my backyard.  I know it will be great!! I’m Excited!!”

Victoria of Post Falls, ID